Blockchain Developer
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The Blockchain Developer Course is a hands-on program that covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of blockchain development. Through a series of engaging lectures, interactive coding exercises, and real-world projects, you'll gain a deep understanding of blockchain concepts, smart contracts, decentralized applications (DApps), and more.

Blockchain Developer
Blockchain Developer Content

1.1 Origin and operating of blockchain 1.2 Defining blockchain 1.3 Properties and evolution of blockchain 1.4 What are the possible solutions 1.5 How does a blockchain work 1.6 Defining a distributed system 1.7 How does the present financial system operate

2.1 Defining a bitcoin mining 2.2 Mining pools 2.3 Bitcoin economics 2.4 Selecting and assembling a chain of blocks 2.5 Mining and hashing race 2.6 Kinds of mining 2.7 Consensus and mining 2.8 Installation of bitcoin mining software

3.1 Libraries 3.2 Constructors 3.3 State modifiers 3.4 Loops and gas limits 3.5 Recommendations 3.6 Importing smart contracts 3.7 Receiving and sending ether 3.8 Inheritance 3.9 Logging and events 3.10 Exceptions and error handlings 3.11 Common pitfalls 3.12 Contract ABI 3.13 Setting up of development environment

4.1 Introducing hyper ledger 4.2 Consensus 4.3 Network topology 4.4 Exploring of hyper ledger frameworks 4.5 Hyperledger planning 4.6 Hyperledger application model and API 4.7 Business network deployment on hyper ledger composer 4.8 playground 4.9 Testing the business network definition 4.9 Transferring the commodity between participants

5.1 Types of blockchain 5.2 Programmable money 5.3 Implementations of blockchain 5.4 Components of the blockchain ecosystem 5.5 Platforms of blockchain 5.6 Merkle trees and hash functions 5.7 What is inside a block 5.8 Consensus algorithms and cryptography 5.9 Pseudonymity in cryptocurrency 5.10 Sidechains: another kind of blockchain

6.1 Defining ethereum 6.2 Mining in ethereum 6.3 Introduction to smart contracts 6.4 Tools and editors 6.5 Frontend development 6.6 Platform functions used in ethereum 6.7 Ethereum programming language 6.8 Ethereum test networks 6.9 Consensus mechanism in ethereum 6.10 Technologies which support ethereum 6.11 Components for development of ethereum DApps 6.12 ERC tokens

7.1 Defining a multichain 7.2 Mining in multichain 7.3 Etting up of a private blockchain 7.4 Permissions and privacy in multichain 7.5 Multiple configurable blockchains using multichain

8.1 Defining a bitcoin 8.2 Uses of bitcoins 8.3 Bitcoin ecosystem 8.4 Applications of bitcoin script 8.5 Bitcoin trading: selling, buying, and storing of bitcoins 8.6 Scripting language in bitcoin 8.7 Nodes in a bitcoin network 8.8 Structure of a bitcoin transaction 8.9 Setting up of a bitcoin wallet 8.10 Bitcoin transaction tracking 8.11 Creating a paper wallet

9.1 Introduction to solidity 9.2 State variables 9.3 Sample code 9.4 Reference types 9.5 Units 9.6 Function types 9.7 The layout of a source file 9.8 Structure of a contract 9.9 Control structures and expressions 9.10 Function calls 9.11 Visibility for state and function handlings 9.12 Special functions and variables 9.13 Error handling 9.14 Experience in coding on solidity language 9.15 Remix browser

10.1 Real case scenarios of blockchain 10.2 Blockchain transforming professionalism and business 10.3 Blockchain prospering our world 10.4 Ways government around the world use blockchain 10.5 Discussion of practical use-cases of blockchain

11.1 Development of a DApp 11.2 Connecting to DApp 11.3 Deploying and compiling the smart contract 11.4 Publishing the app 11.5 Ganache output for transaction migration 11.6 Deployment of using metamask 11.7 Connecting the contract to an interactive GUI based on web3.js 11.8 Deployment of DApp which runs on a test network

12.1 Developing of business networks 12.2 Introducing to hyper ledger fabric 12.3 Setting up of development environment using composer 12.4 Testing of business networks 12.5 Hyperledger fabric material 12.6 Several ways to create hyper ledger fabric blockchain network

    Blockchain Developer Projects

    The logistics companies today mostly tend to offer the details of main locations like city hub, collection center, or sorting facilities. The details of accurate or exact location are never provided, also in case a failure in the system occurs, then entire details get lost.
    This is where blockchain can be put to use by implementing a system that can make a collection of exact location data through the help of several interconnected systems and make a delivery of the exact location to the consumers. This project can also be applied for airlines to identify lost baggage, rented cars, etc.

    In today’s date, e-voting has completely empowered paper-based voting systems. Though, people still have doubts in their minds if these voting systems can secure such data and make protection against any attack. The blockchain-based voting system can turn out handy by ensuring the public by providing transparent and public verified elections in the country. If this method is implemented successfully then voting can be possible by a mobile app attaching a blockchain system. The candidate will learn ways ethereum blockchain is ensuring confidentiality. They will be working on the deployment of ethreum blockchain for building a secure and safe voting system for the election of a democratic government. Several aspects will be included such as ways blockchain can eliminate election fraud, ways to verify and protect the voting process, and guaranteeing immutability. The students will also be learning ways to issue digital tokens to eligible voters, design a decentralized blockchain network, swiftly announce the winner and record votes with the ethereum blockchain.

    Most of the systems of carpool and radio cab facilities involve middlemen, which in these cases are the agencies themselves. So, in case a time comes where uber decides to shut down, then one can make use of blockchain technology for car hiring and rental cabs, as it will help in connecting the drivers and riders directly. So even if uber shuts down, the customers won't face difficulties. If the project turns out to be successful, then safe and reliable transportation will be available along with the safe and sound network.

    Apart from payback, there are other brands which offer their customers with loyalty points. The drawback here is that these points cant be put to use, nor can they be exchanged with family and friends. Blockchain technology can be used for this purpose, where one can exchange such points with friends and family that will help customers to combine and also trade loyalty points.

    According to the reports, 85% of the startups are known to delay the delivery and 14% fail to deliver the promises made to investors. Crowdfunding platforms are facing trust and accountability problems. Also in various cases, money was seen to be transferred by investors to wrong campaigns and it was misused.

    In this project, the candidates will be working on creating a to-do list using Blockchain. They will be creating the mapping of notes, defining the structure of every list, adding a function to mark the tasks completed, and creating a function to add a new to-do list for the sender. Each note will consist of owner information and date of creation stamped on it.

    In this project, the students will be learning ways to set up a hyperledger composer. This will be inclusive of defining the assets, understanding what a business network is, testing of networks by the creation of assets and participants, defining the participants, submission of transactions for changing the ownership of assets, and the transactions which will be going through a hyperledger.

    The candidates will be building a supply chain management app using a hyper ledger composer online in this project. The type of application they will be developing will be deployed, coded, and tested on their online hyperledger composer playground and then locally deployed on their computer. They will be also building an angular-front end platform to communicate with it.

    In this project, the candidates will be designing an auction contract with a simple interface that will enable the users to place bids. After the completion of the auction, the users will be able to withdraw their funds. The owner will also be able to cancel such auctions in exceptional cases and also the winner will be able to withdraw their winning bids. The candidate will learn ways to design a smart contract using solidity, build an algorithm to meet several conditions, and deploy a blockchain-based Dapp.

    This project is designed to teach the students ways to deploy a business networking employing Blockchain. Here, the car auction business network will be having a set of participants( sellers and buyers), transactions(closing auctions and placing bids), and assets( cars and car listings). The aspirants will have model these employing hyperledger composers and testing the business logic which makes online auction work. The students will be developing a business network, building a hyperledger composer playground, and modeling participants, assets, and transactions.

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    Skill Interface’s entire course content of the Blockchain course is in line with the certification program which helps the candidates in clearing the IBM Blockchain certification examination easily and also in landing the best jobs in the top MNC’s of the world. The entire course is following the necessities of this certification.

    Skill Interface’s entire course content of the Blockchain course is in line with the certification program which helps the candidates in clearing the IBM Blockchain certification examination easily and also in landing the best jobs in the top MNC’s of the world. The entire course is following the necessities of this certification. As a part of the course, you will get the opportunity to work on real-life projects and applications which constitute great implications in the real-world industry, thus helping you in fast-tracking your career. At the end of this course, there will be a quiz that will reflect the types of questions asked in the examination to help you prep better and score better marks in the exams. Skill Interface’s course completing certificate will be granted on the completion of this project and scoring at least 60% in the quiz.

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    Blockchain is considered as a decentralized and digital ledger with a system which tends to record transactions across various computer systems that are said to be linked to peer network. Blockchain was originally known to be developed for cryptocurrency assets such as Ethereum and Bitcoins, but various other opportunities came up in recent years. A blockchain is a permanent and sequential list of transactions record which is distributed over a network. Every block in the chain consists of a hash of the previous block along with the transaction data and a timestamp, which makes the blockchain inherently resistant to any kind of manipulations and attacks, thus making it secure.

    These are the reasons behind the importance of Blockchain: It employs cryptography for keeping the data ledgers secure It allows verification of the data without dependence on the third party The data structure in the blockchain is append-only so it cannot be deleted or modified The transactions are saved in a chronological order which is why all the blocks in the blockchain are time stamped The transactions are transparent to the individuals who encompass authority to view it Every data along with the transactions tend to go through the maximum trust verification process before being attached to the block The transactions in the blocks are stored in various systems that are a part of the chain, thus enabling it to be decentralized. Therefore, if data is lost it can be recovered. The ledger is distributed across all the nodes in the blockchain

    The benefits of blockchain are as following: Fraud control: as it is a system in which the data is stored and distributed in various places, it is immune to hackers. It cannot be accessed easily and also if any data is lost it can be recovered. Access levels: clients are required to pick between open blockchain systems which can be accessed by anyone and the ones requiring authorization where every node requires to be approved for the client to enter. Transparency: the clients are notified instantly when a transaction is carried, which is trustworthy as well as convenient. Speed: the transactions are processed at a quite faster speed as you are do not require to include the payment systems, hence reducing the cost and increasing the speed of processing. Security: it is highly secured due to its digital signature and encryption. It is built to be secure, convenient, and tamper-proof. Account reconciliation: the validity of the transactions is affirmed and checked by the participants which results in confirming their authenticity. No hidden charges: as the system is decentralized, you do not have to pay, any extra convenience charges.

    Blockchain developers are known to be one of the highest-paid IT professionals in today’s date. The availability of a blockchain developer fails to meet the required demands which is one of the major reasons why they are provided with high salaries. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a blockchain developer is somewhat near about US$1,07,000 approximately per year with experience. In India, the average annual salary of a blockchain developer is Rs. 4,05,000. It may increase to Rs. 1,053,000 per year depending on the experience of the candidate.

    Blockchain is considered to be one of the most revolutionary technologies which can herald the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. It is known to be a peer-to-peer decentralized network that allows the infrastructure for Bitcoin and also is rising used in several industries especially finance and banking sectors. Opting for Skill Interface’s instructor-led or self-paced blockchain course can help the candidates in making the most of the shortage of certified and qualified Blockchain developers and command high income. You can also be a part of the blockchain hyperledger community once your training is completed. The blockchain technology is very robust in today’s date, and there are several aspects such as distributed ledger cloud platform, solidity programming language, bitcoin currency, ethereum, and much more associated with it. Enrolling in Skill Interface’s industry designed blockchain developer certification training program can help you in becoming proficient in all these technologies and much more. You will be awarded Skill Interface verified blockchain certification upon completion of this training program.

    Cryptography is known as the practice and study of securing private messages such that they can be only available to the intended parties. It involves encryption and decryption of content employing several methods along with encryption keys. An unintended party will be unable to decipher the message without a proper key for decoding it. Modern cryptography has grown to include several sub-fields of practices and studies such as user authentication and integrity of data, which is vital to banking, eCommerce, and various other sectors.

    The Data science architect master program by Skill Interface has been designed by industry experts after thorough recommendations and research from the topmost experts in this field. The course will help you in differentiating yourself from multi-platform fluency and also have a real-world scenario problem handling expertise with the most beneficial performances and tools. Skill interface trainers will be by your side throughout your learning journey to guide you and support you.

    Skill interface offers you the most relevant, up to date and high-value real-life projects as a part of this session which helps you in implementing the acquired skills in the real-world industry set up in a better manner. This training comes with various projects that test your learning, skills, and in-hand knowledge to make you industry-ready. You will get the opportunity to work on explicit domains of commerce, sales, banking, technology, marketing, e-commerce, and much more. These skills will equip you as an equal to 6 months trained professional.

    Skill Interface offers you 24/7 query resolution and the option to raise a dedicated support team at any time of the day. The email support option is another facility that you can avail of to solve your queries. On failing to get a solution, you can also opt for one-on-one sessions with our trainers to help you better. Another added benefit of this course is that the support option of Skill Interface is even available after the completion of your training program. Also, you can raise limitless tickets for double clearance and query resolution

    For attaining Skill Interface verified certificates, the learners have to complete the training program, real-life scenario projects, assignments, and also score at least 60% in the qualifying exams. The certificate provided by our institute is a well-recognized one which will help you in landing jobs in some of the topmost MNCs of the world

    Yes, you can enroll for multiple self-paced or instructor-led courses at once by Skill Interface. This is one of the biggest benefits of working with Skill Interface. A flexible schedule is also another benefit that helps you to choose the batches preferred by you so that you do not miss your classes and get the best out of this journey

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