RPA Training using UiPath
Course Overview

The RPA Training using UiPath program is a hands-on training program that covers the fundamentals of RPA and focuses on using UiPath, a leading RPA tool. You will learn the concepts of RPA, understand the UiPath platform, and gain proficiency in designing, developing, and deploying automation solutions. By the end of the program, you will be able to automate complex business processes and improve operational efficiency.

RPA Training using UiPath
RPA Training using UiPath Content

Understanding the basics of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Exploring the benefits and use cases of RPA Introducing the UiPath RPA platform

Getting started with UiPath Studio Exploring the UiPath user interface and components Building and executing basic automation workflows

Working with variables and data types in UiPath Performing data manipulation operations Using loops and conditionals in automation workflows

Understanding selectors and using them to identify UI elements Interacting with web applications and desktop applications Automating data entry, form filling, and data extraction tasks

Automating Excel operations using UiPath Reading data from Excel files and writing data to Excel files Performing data table operations and data transformations

Automating email processing and management Sending and receiving emails using UiPath Working with attachments and email content

Handling exceptions and errors in automation workflows Debugging and troubleshooting automation issues Implementing error logging and reporting mechanisms

Introduction to the UiPath Orchestrator Configuring and managing robots and environments Deploying automation projects to the UiPath Orchestrator

    RPA Training using UiPath Projects

    Automate the process of extracting data from invoices, validating the information, and updating the database.

    Develop an automation solution to streamline the employee onboarding process, including document verification, data entry, and system updates.

    Automate the end-to-end order processing workflow, including order creation, inventory management, and customer notifications.

    Build an automation solution to extract data from multiple sources, perform data cleansing, and generate reports for analysis.

    Automate the extraction of data from websites and aggregate it into a structured format for further analysis.

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    This training course is designed to help you clear the Cloudera Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification (CCA175) exams.

    Real-world projects from industry experts

    With real world projects and immersive content built in partnership with top tier companies, you’ll master the tech skills companies want.

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    With real world projects and immersive content built in partnership with top tier companies, you’ll master the tech skills companies want.

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    With real world projects and immersive content built in partnership with top tier companies, you’ll master the tech skills companies want.

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    With real world projects and immersive content built in partnership with top tier companies, you’ll master the tech skills companies want.

    RPA Training using UiPath Certification

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    While prior programming experience can be helpful, it is not mandatory. The program covers the basics of programming concepts and provides hands-on guidance to help you learn.

    The training program will cover the latest version of UiPath and its features.

    Yes, you will have access to the course content even after completing the program. You can revisit the materials and refer to them whenever needed.

    There are no specific prerequisites for this program. However, having a basic understanding of business processes and workflows can be beneficial.

    Yes, upon successful completion of the training program and assessments, you will receive a certificate of completion.

    Yes, we provide job assistance to help you kick-start your career in RPA. Our career support team will guide you with resume building, interview preparation, and job placement opportunities.

    Yes, you will have interactive sessions with experienced instructors who will address your queries and provide guidance throughout the training.

    The training program duration varies based on the learning path and individual progress. On average, it can be completed in 8-12 weeks.

    Yes, the course content is regularly updated to align with the latest industry trends and practices in RPA and UiPath.

    Yes, you can access the training materials on your mobile or tablet through our learning management system.

    Yes, the training program includes hands-on exercises and projects to help you apply the concepts learned and gain practical experience.

    Yes, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other learners through discussion forums and community platforms to share knowledge and seek support.

    Yes, we have a refund policy in place. Please refer to our terms and conditions for detailed information on our refund policy.

    Switching to a different training program will depend on the availability and your specific circumstances. Please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

    Yes, you will have access to additional learning resources, such as e-books, case studies, and reference materials, to enhance your understanding.

    Yes, this training program is suitable for non-technical professionals who want to enter the field of RPA and learn UiPath.

    No, the training videos cannot be downloaded. However, you can access them online through our learning management system.

    Yes, by the end of the training program, you will have the skills and knowledge to automate real-world business processes using UiPath.

    This training program is designed to prepare you for UiPath certification exams, but it is not directly accredited by UiPath.

    The training materials are primarily available online, but you may have the option to download certain resources for offline access. Please check with our support team for more information.

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